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Gum pockets and Receding gum lines – What are they? How do you get them? What can you do to prevent and to treat them?

What Are Gum pockets and Receding gum lines?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your teeth look or appear to be longer than they used to? This can be the surest sign of your gum line receding. Over the years, as we grow older, it is natural for receding gum lines to occur. However, swollen gum pockets usually are signs of infection in the gums, as are receding gum lines.

They can be associated with the aging process – which usually contributes ultimately to the loss of teeth, which are replaced with dentures – or they can be the calling signs that you need to take better care of your gums and your mouth to prevent infected gum pockets, and gum disease.

Aside from age, gum line receding usually is directly associated with a form of gum disease. Experts estimated that nearly 80% of people – or more – suffer from one form of gum disease or another. Thankfully, there are ways that you can take care of your gums to prevent gum disease and to treat a receding gum line and infected gum pockets.

What Causes Gum pockets and Receding gum lines?

The primary causes of swollen or infected gum pockets or a gum line receding is bacteria. Bacteria love to inhabit the mouth because it is warm, wet and filled with sugars that bacteria feed off. When the bacteria feed on these sugars, they secrete acids that attack the gums and the gum lines, as well as the teeth.

They also emit a sulfurous odor that is the primary contributor to bad breath. When left unchecked, untreated, or due to improper daily healthy care, the bacteria will ultimately infect the lining of the gums and create gum pockets.

These pockets are checked at your dentist and represent various stages of gum disease, with smaller pockets (fewer than 3 mm) being the early stages, medium sized pockets (4-5 mm) being the middle stages of gum disease, and large pockets (5 mm or larger) being the late stages of gum disease. The pockets of infection, when left untreated, contribute to the gum line receding as the tissues react to the infection that is in them and recede.

Gum pockets and Gum Line Receding Signs & Symptoms

There are some signs and symptoms of receding gum lines or infected gum pockets that you should be aware of. The following pointers can help you to identify if you are suffering from gum line receding or if you have infected gum pockets.

Keep in mind that only a dentist can accurately diagnose gum disease or a receding gum line, and these just serve as tips to help you to maintain better oral health care each day.

Risks Associated with Gum pockets and a Receding gum line

The primary risks associated with gum line receding are that you may be suffering from gum disease – the key contributor to tooth loss. A receding gum line or infected gum pockets are a calling sign that you are not taking proper care of your mouth, teeth and gums daily.

If left untreated, gum disease, infected gum pockets and receding gum lines can rapidly progress and contribute to the following:

How to Prevent Gum pockets and a Receding gum line?

The best method to prevent infected gum pockets and gum line receding is by adhering to a very strict daily oral health care regiment. Here are some tips that you can follow to better take care of your gums and mouth.

Treatments Available for Gum pockets and Gum Line Receding Problems

Depending upon the progression of your gum line receding or infected gum pockets, a dentist may recommend the following treatments in order to remedy the situation and get your oral health care routine back on track.

Home Based Treatments & Natural Remedies for Gum pockets and Receding gum lines

There are some wonderful natural products that you can use to treat and to prevent a receding gum line and infected gum pockets. Look for natural mouthwashes and toothpastes that do not contain alcohol, sodium laurel sulfate or fluoride. Take daily supplements that are rich in antioxidants, like coq10 and flavanoids.

Look into daily vitamins that provide all the vitamins you need, as vitamin deficiencies, like a vitamin C deficiency, can contribute to receding gums and infections in the mouth. Also, check out some natural products that you can use daily which incorporate these nutrients and many others for the maintenance of a healthy mouth.

Our Recommendation

You can treat and prevent gum infections by adhering to a stringent oral health care regiment. The better that you take care of your mouth, tongue, teeth and gums daily, the less likely that your gums will become infected or be prone to gum disease, not to mention the more protected and healthy that your teeth will be as well. Our staff has fully reviewed and evaluated the following products, which have demonstrated superiority in design, effectiveness, ingredients, quality and excellence. After a thorough review of these products, we are pleased to offer them our stamp of approval and as a result, we highly recommend them to you as an effective and natural method of both treating and preventing gum infection. These products only use premium ingredients, and are offered to you at competitive and affordable rates so that you can enjoy proper daily oral health care.

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