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Denture Pain - What is it? What causes it? What can you do about It?

What is Denture Pain?

Denture pain is something that nearly goes hand-in-hand for the people who wear dentures. The initial phase of adding dentures is a very shocking one because your gums are still recovering from any tooth extractions that you underwent, and because they are still tender and healing. This relates to the most commonly experienced instance of pain from denture pain: sore and bleeding gums that are still healing. The more pressure that you apply while eating foods during the early stages of having dentures, the more denture pain that you are likely to experience as pressure is placed upon healing gums that are very sensitive. Over time, the gums will recede as they heal, and this can cause them to ache from time to time as well as becoming chaffed or sore from the dentures sliding around in your mouth. Find out how to deal with denture pain, and what different and effective treatment options that you can harness to enjoy a pain-free experience when using false teeth. Denture Pain
Denture Pain  

What Causes Denture Pain?

Denture pain is most often caused by sore gums. Sometimes the gums can become easily chaffed from the pressure of the dentures sliding around on them. Poor oral health care can be a very large delimiter in the amount of dental pain that you experience. Even if your mouth has no more natural teeth in it, it is still a hub for bacteria and viruses to grow and flourish. Even smaller sores that occur as a result of denture friction can escalate to become larger or even infected without proper daily oral care. Denture pain is most often caused by the pressure of the dentures sliding around on sensitive gums, or pains, sores and lesions that are created from friction by the dentures, which are prone to further tenderness and pain due to the high amount of bacteria that lives inside of the mouth.

Denture Pain Signs & Symptoms

The signs of symptoms of denture pain are relatively easy to identify. If your gums ache when you put your dentures in, this is a sign. If you feel any discomfort or pain when chewing foods or drinking fluids, these are symptoms of denture pain. Sometimes the friction of your dentures sliding around in your mouth or placing pressure upon delicate gums can cause denture pain as well. If left unchecked, the pain may go away in time, or in some cases it can actually worsen. The gums will naturally recede and erode once you start wearing false teeth and there are not any bones left for them to support and nourish. This can also cause denture pain during the early years of wearing dentures.

Risks Associated with Denture Pain

The largest risks associated with denture pain include: viral or bacterial infections in the mouth, sores and lesions that take a long tie to heal and oral infections. If your gums are not treated for these issues, they can take longer to heal and cause more frequent and persistent denture pain as a result. Proper daily oral health care greatly reduces these risks.

How to Prevent Denture Pain?

The best method to prevent denture pain is to clean and remove your dentures fully every single evening. If you have sores that are developing on your gums, it’s advised that you clean your dentures in denture cleaning solution for 24 hours before using them again. Your dentures should be checked annually to ensure that the lining is in tact. They also should be adjusted or repaired every 2-3 years, and they should be replaced with new dentures every 5-6 years to avoid denture pain.

Treatments Available for Denture Pain

There are only a few treatments that exist for treating denture pain. You can find these products at any drugstore that’s near to where you live. They can range in cost from $5-$10, and usually provide you with enough usable product to last you a full month.

Home Based Treatments & Natural Remedies for Denture Pain?

There are some natural fixes that can be applied at home to reduce denture pain. These work by relieving pain in the gums, the primary cause of denture pain. The most sworn by home based treatments and natural remedies for denture pain include:

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