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Braces Pain - How to Deal with Orthodontics Effectively

For thousands of years mankind has striven to perfect the way that our teeth grow in our mouths. Recorded history even documents these dental practices - now called orthodontics - all the way back to the time of the Ancient Greeks, when more rudimentary devices were used to straighten the teeth. At the turn of the last century, during the early 1900s, the very first professional teeth straightening devices were created, and modern orthodontics was birthed.

Today, braces are very complex metallic devices that are attached to the teeth as to forcefully, yet slowly and gently, realign them. Braces can be used to correct bites, gaps in teeth and crooked teeth. But the metal that they are constructed from can chafe the cheeks and cause sores on the gums and even the tongue. Additionally, the slow correction of the teeth can cause much unnecessary pain in the patient. Sometimes there can be gaps between the teeth and gums that are formed after wearing braces to correct spacing, which can take years to heal and that can also cause pain in the sufferer. Learn how to cope with braces pain so you can be pain free and smiling.
Braces Pain
Braces Pain  

What is Braces Pain?

Braces pain is the pain created in the mouth by the affixation of orthodontia fixtures that are intended to correct the position or bite of the teeth in the mouth. The braces themselves are constructed from durable metal - often stainless steel or something similar - that work to slowly realign the teeth in the mouth by firmly attaching to them and by being slowly tightened every few months as to force the teeth into the proper position. The pain can be caused for a number of different reasons when you are experiencing braces pain.

Let’s review a few of the top reasons that people who wear braces suffer from braces pain:


What Causes Braces Pain?

The braces themselves actually are the culprit here and mostly because they are a foreign object to your mouth. Since they attach and bind to your teeth, and forcibly move them back into their proper alignment, this is the primary cause of braces pain. Your teeth are being slowly moved around in your mouth, and this will hurt much like any growing pains that you have ever experienced. Other causes of braces pain stem from the chafing that the braces cause on the cheeks, gums and tongue. Braces pain can also be caused by bacterial infections in the gums, phantom nerve signals in the mouth and bone/tooth shifting.

Braces Pain Signs & Symptoms

There are some easily recognizable signs and symptoms of braces pain. These most commonly occur whenever you have your braces adjusted. This is because when they are adjusted they are tightened, which creates more pressure on the gums, teeth and nerves, generally contributing to overall discomfort and pain. Your braces can also rub inside of your mouth, creating chafing and even sores. Sometimes your orthodontist can make small adjustments to the braces so they chafe less. Tragically, however, braces pain is just one of those things that is associated with wearing braces, because they are constricting your teeth, creating pressure and chafing the inside of your mouth. But dealing with it effectively can provide you with some much needed relief.

How to Prevent Braces Pain?

The best way to prevent braces pain is by adhering to proper oral hygiene. Make sure that your braces are not tightened too quickly - which is something that your orthodontist will ensure. Also make sure to ask important questions and to let your doctor know when your braces are too tight and hurt too much. Usually they can reduce down how much they are tightening them so that your mouth has more time to adjust. By carefully caring for your mouth to the best of your ability daily, you can also reduce braces pain. Avoid foods that will cause you pain from chafing and sores, like citrus fruits, acidic foods and sugars, which can also contribute to bacterial growth. Avoid commercial toothpastes and switch to natural toothpastes and mouth washes, as well as natural oral hygiene products that don’t contain industrial grade chemicals that can contribute to braces pain, like laurel sulfate, which is what makes your toothpaste foam, or alcohol, which is in most mouth washes, and can irritate an already sore and chafed mouth, tongue and gums.

Over-the-Counter Treatments Available for Braces Pain
There are only a couple over-the-counter treatment options for dealing with braces pain. While this may seem disparaging, many people consider wearing braces a headache that you deal with early on so you can enjoy straight and healthy teeth later on. Here are a few of the most popular nonprescription treatment options for dealing with braces pain.

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